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Stale Wine and DVD’s

There’s always a use for stale wine and DVD’s

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August 9, 2017 · 10:38 am

Portland rocks


Two watercolour sketches of the same semi submerged rocks off Portland, Dorset yesterday.


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Sketched in the field

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Hand Studies


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Dancing Feet


limbering up with some foot and leg studies

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Frazetta, Dark Kingdom



colour study


pencil study


From Dark Kingdom by Frank Frazetta,

A small gouache colour study of a Viking character from Dark Kingdom by artist Frank Frazetta.

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The Killing, Kubrick

These are the main members of the gang in Stanley Kubrick’s film noir ‘The Killing’ from 1956. The film has great diversity of characters, some of the more sinister ones I have yet to draw. George Peatty the ticket teller played by Elisha Cook Jr. is my favourite in this, with his hangdog look and thwarted expressions but it’s a great cast all round and full of noirish atmosphere, striking shadows, litter and cigarette smoke.

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This is a copy done (left) this morning in charcoal pencil of Terror or Fright by Charles Le Brun the 17th century French painter and theorist on character and expression. Copying certainly makes you realise how great the ancients were at rendering and how immaculate their line work was.

(Could this be Scorpio!)

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Deadly Assassin. Starring…

Johnny Depp???depp-230617


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Political sketches

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May…Corbyn-210617TMay-210617TMay-210617a


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