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Bunhead link


This comic strip I did for a friends rockabilly band website from 98-01 so I only ever did them when he was ready to update their site content. The main character was based on one of their fans I’d seen at a gig. The band, ‘Kill Van Helsing’ are sadly no longer with us but their album ‘Alien Hotrod’ is still available online in various formats. The cover art was by the singer Gavin I believe.

You can check out the Bunhead strips by following the B link on the right…


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Twosies no.1

Twosies-1b colourThis is from a series of b&w strips I did a long time ago that I’ve decided to colour in. It’s about two guys who share a house but don’t particularly see eye to eye on everything. I’ll put them up on here as and when they get coloured.

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