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from todays field trip across some fields.



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Windows 98

I did these window designs years ago for a course I was on. For any budding architects out there please contact me if you would like to incorporate any of these into your latest building.



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Sketched in the field

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Today a few sketches of the glorious BoJo and from yesterday Theresa May, Damien Green and Amber Rudd of the Conservative party.

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Capital scenes


A few ink drawings of London street scenes I made in the nineties.

Top, looking down on South Ken tube station with Battersea power station in the background. Middle, A butcher shop in the city. Bottom, an alleyway in St. James.

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Hand modeling


Drawing my hand with Conté crayon and an idea for a poster…


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Composers at Christmas

gentlemenLiszt, Wagner and Berlioz, feeling seasonal


If J.S. Jr. is your favorite composer, please feel free to print this off and stick it on the wall next to your gramophone player. Then put on one of his records and dance about wildly.

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Camping and the study of Geometry

tent cutaway


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June 26, 2014 · 8:54 pm