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Stale Wine and DVD’s

There’s always a use for stale wine


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August 9, 2017 · 10:38 am

Lost and found

These sketches were looking out of a cafe window. People move faster than you think so you really have to stare at them to memorize their expressions and features before they’re gone.

I thought I’d dropped this sketchbook somewhere or left it on a bench last year but found it today in the side pocket of my cycle pannier, a pocket I hardly ever use!

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September 15, 2016 · 7:51 pm

Café Alba Map


The Cafe Alba was a cooperative in Hackney in the 1990’s.
Sometimes the people who worked in it ate there
and sometimes the people who ate in it worked there.
And some times people like me put pictures on the wall. This was a map I drew at the time to show directions.

(I think it’s a Chinese Restaurant now. But I haven’t been there for a while)

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July 28, 2014 · 5:55 pm

Monte Perdido

monte perdido
My rucksack in the foreground and a rucksack shaped rock behind to the left. Coming down from the Breche de Roland in the morning and heading across a flat plane towards Monte Perdido. These sketches don’t give the true scale of this landscape.

B. View-from-El-Tito

C. Tuca-Gargalosa

D. Col-de-Llauset
the three sketches above are from my tent, the one below made on the first ridge in the morning after striking camp.
E. Coth-cap-de-Ruis
These few sketches made while walking in the Pyrenees 2011
A. Le-pyrenean-adventure

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July 19, 2014 · 1:21 pm

Futuristic family fun


An etching I made in 1992 called ‘2010, An evening’s light entertainment’.
Looks like the date was a little hasty with 3D virtual reality helmets currently making a big comeback for gaming. Check out the TV in the corner or is that an early iMac!!

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July 6, 2014 · 7:31 pm

Camping and the study of Geometry

tent cutaway


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June 26, 2014 · 8:54 pm

Redefining the sack


Re-defining the sack
When drafting an agreement with a sub-contractor, it’s important to avoid using terms that are associated with employees, such as ‘salary’, ‘holiday’, and ‘gross misconduct’.

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June 19, 2014 · 10:42 pm

Rocks at Worbarrow

Rocks and sea at Worbarrow Bay, Dorset. 8/6/14

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June 11, 2014 · 7:10 pm




Below are some sketches from an old press photo of Santiago U Peralta, casino manager in Argentina, that I made for a stone carving which I never completed in 2003. This, bizarrely, led me to walking the Camino de Santiago three years later, which I did complete, in 2006. Above are two sketches from that walk.


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May 24, 2014 · 4:51 pm



Soil Association:
Pigs are highly sociable creatures and prosper when living in small, stable groups. They thrive on contact with each other and have a complex language of grunts and squeaks, which scientists say they can interpret. Scientists have even detected regional variations in pigs’ grunts. They sleep together huddled in nests and greet other pigs by rubbing noses much in the way we would shake hands. Pigs are highly co-operative in social groups and show affection by grooming each other. Pigs are the most intelligent of farm animals, and tests have been carried out that prove that pigs can be trained to do more than dogs.

(This cartoon has appeared in issue 88 of The Food Magazine and the Association of Illustrators annual; Images 35)

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April 8, 2014 · 7:49 pm